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F3 changes to M1 Pacific Motorway Today

Update: 19/08/2013 – The RMS has informed us there are 2 crews working on the project, one in Newcastle and the other starting in Sydney. All Green signs will feature the new M1 route marker and the white F3 signs located at each median crossover will be blanked out. They are working as quickly as possible to have all the signs changed.

Update: 24/08/2013 – They have finished approximately half of the Motorway’s signage.

F3 Freeway Name Change

The last time you will see the F3 Freeway Sign

Signs on the Sydney to Newcastle F3 Freeway will be gradually updated this month to reflect the new name of M1 Pacific Motorway.

This is to bring NSW in line with National changes to route marking system which is over 30 years old.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) General Manager Traffic and Safety Management Craig Moran said major travel routes across NSW have adopted the alphanumeric system to simplify travel in NSW and across the entire eastern sea board.

The National Highway 1 route which runs around the whole of Australia will either feature an A1 or M1 marker depending on the grade of the road. In the future, once the Beresfield end of the Motorway is connected to Raymond Terrace, the Pacific Highway can be renamed to [M1] Pacific Motorway to enable seamless naming between Sydney and Brisbane.

The RMS has deployed a number of electronic signs to inform motorists of this change and agree it may cause some confusion initially but over time, will give a clearer and more consistant directions to visitors travelling between Sydney and Brisbane.

Several other routes have been updated this year and the RMS has consulted with emergency services, Destination NSW, tourist operators and mapping providers to ensure uniformity.

It is expected that all route numbering changes will be completed by the end of 2013.

We will be changing our website domain to www.m1traffic.com.au and updating our website shortly.

(Note: This website is privately run and not a part of the NSW Government)

You can call the NSW route numbering project office directly on 1300 775 676.

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