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Hazard Reduction Burn (Bush Fire / SMOKE) on M1 Pacific Motorway

F3 Fire

Later today (Saturday 24th August 2013) and tomorrow (Sunday 25th) the Rural Fire Service (RFS) will conduct a Hazard Reduction Burn at Berowra near the M1 Pacific Motorway (Formally Sydney to Newcastle F3 Freeway) AND in the Brisbane Water National Park.

The following roads & Suburbs on the Central Coast may be affected: West Gosford, Point Frederick, Kariong, Brisbane Water Drive, Central Coast Highway, Woy Woy Road, near the Central Coast Highway, Brisbane Water Drive, Woy Woy Road, Pacific Highway, Brooklyn, Cowan, Berowra, Mt Kuring-Gai and Surrounding areas.

This exercise will burn off excess leaf & plant matter in bushland to reduce the risk of a major bushfire during the summer months.

A Hazard Reduction Burn will produce a large amount of smoke which may reduce visibility on the Pacific Motorway and Pacific Highway & areas on the Central Coast.

Drivers are advised to slow down in poor visibility and switch on your headlights on.

Before you travel, check our website first (www.m1traffic.com.au) to ensure it is safe to travel and for further information call 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).

If you are in the area over the weekend, you are advised to read the following:

  • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering homes
  • Keep outdoor furniture under cover to prevent ember burns
  • Retract pool covers to prevent ember damage
  • Remove washing from clotheslines
  • Ensure pets have a protected area
  • Vehicles must slow down, keep windows up, turn headlights on
  • Sightseers must keep away from burns for their own safety
  • If you have asthma or a lung condition, reduce outdoor activities if smoke levels are high and if shortness of breath or coughing develops, take your reliever medicine or seek medical advice

If you live near any bushland, be prepared for summer, PREPARE>ACT>SURVIVE: information on the RFS Website.

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Live Rural Fire Service (RFS) Stream from Central Coast Online Scanner Page. You may visit their page to listen to LIVE scanner streams and Central Coast Scanner Information.

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