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2 Accidents Cause CHAOS on M1 Pacific Motorway


A three vehicle accident at 10am the M1 Pacific Motorway (F3 Freeway) closed 2of3 southbound lanes.

2 Motorists were trapped in their vehicles and NSW Fire Rescue had to free them from their vehicles. The accident caused 5kms of delays and a Helicopter had to land at and old Service Station on the Old Pacific Highway to ferry injured motorists.

Motorists were advised to take the Mt White exit to avoid the delays however the Pacific Highway was also slow due to diverting traffic

at 11:20am the RMS cleared vehicles from the carriageway and heavy traffic continued.

THEN 11:30am Another three-vehicle accident on the Hawkesbury River Bridge closed lane 3, emergency services are currently onsite.

at 12:10pm Police have a vehicle pulled over with their lights flashing and motorists are slowing down to have a look & adding to the delays.

Delays are currently significant and we advise you avoid the area.

All lanes reopened at 12:20am however delays will continue for the next 15 mins.


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