North Westerly Blankets M1 in Smoke Haze

One motorist described it as "Driving Through Pea Soup"

One motorist described it as “Driving Through Pea Soup”

A  north westerly wind has brought smoke from the Hawkesbury fire and blanketed Sydney and the Central Coast.

The smoke is being trapped under clouds and as the day warms up, the clouds will release the smoke.

Visibility has been very low at times around Mooney Mooney and surrounding areas however there are no fires near, or threatening the M1 Pacific Motorway (F3).

Earlier this morning the Sydney Harbour Bridge disappeared under the heavy smoke.

Motorists advised to switch on their headlights and motorists who suffer a breathing condition are advised to wind their windows up and activate the recycle button on their car air conditioners.

Do not call triple zero (000) unless you see a fire.

The smoke is expected to clear to reveal a partly cloudy day with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees in Sydney, 31 degrees at Gosford and 30 degrees at Nobby’s Beach.

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