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Double Demerits begin at Midnight Tonight

f3-crashOne of the hardest jobs for a Police officer is to knock on a relatives door to inform them a family member won’t be coming home tonight & is horrific for all those involved.

To help improve safety over this holiday period Police have cancelled their leave and are preparing for a state-wide assault on our roads as a part of Operation Safe Arrival.

This week will be one of the busiest weeks as thousands prepare to hit the road for Christmas holidays.

“We will be targeting the main causal factors for accidents, including speed, fatigue and restraint, obviously focusing on random breath tests – both stationary and mobile – and make our presence felt.” said Senior Sergeant McMenamin

“Residual alcohol is a significant issue and can impact you the next morning and designated drivers should stop drinking early if they plan to drive the next day” he said.

Drivers are urged to get a good night’s sleep, drive to the conditions and prepared for delays.

Also, a Christmas heatwave will hit 1/3 of Australia so drivers are urged to cary plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Before travelling on the M1, check this website for the any incidents.

Double demerits are in force until January 2.

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