Saturday 21st December 2019 – Forecast for Saturday, A Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is forecast for the Greater Sydney Weather Area tomorrow which will lead to very dangerous fire conditions across the Central Coast including the Tree Mile Fire.

On Saturday morning there is no fire threatening the M1 however Saturday temperatures are expected to reach the mid 40’s during the afternoon with a very low humidity and strengthening north-westerly winds, ahead of a strong gusty southerly change in the late afternoon. These conditions are dangerous and could result in extreme and erratic fire behaviour.

The front page of this site is updated live so we recommend you check it before travelling.

The NSW Rural Fire service Incident Controller Superintendent Viki Cambell has urged the community to take action now.

“Under these conditions fires that start will be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast-moving with embers blown up to 20 kilometres ahead of the fire front” she said.

“Firefighting resources may be become stretched and fires should they occur may threaten life and property. Even well prepared and constructed homes may not be safe. Leaving early is the safest option” said Superintendent Campbell.

Superintendent Campbell also warned the community that the fire threat is not over for the Three Mile Fire which has burnt over 45,000 hectares of bushland in remote and rugged terrain in Dharug and Yengo National Parks, McPherson State Forest and Mangrove Dam Catchment Area since late November.

“Our firefighters have done a fantastic job, working tirelessly day and night to establish containment lines around over 500 kilometers of fire edge to protect the community” she said.

“As a result we now have very little active fire, particularly about eastern parts near Kulnurra, Mangrove Mountain and Spencer; however the forecast catastrophic conditions will be particularly testing for our containment lines and firefighters that continue to work hard on bringing the fire under control” said Superintendent Campbell.

Superintendent Campbell concluded by reminding the community of the very serious and dangerous nature of tomorrow’s forecast conditions, calling the community to take action now.

“These are very dangerous fire conditions. Existing fires may break containment lines and new fires may start. Avoid bush prone areas. Avoid unnecessary travel. Take steps to prepare you and your family now. Leaving early is the safest option. Ask your self the question, how fireproof is your plan?” she said.

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