Travel Time Delay Alerts

Our system connects to the Roads and Maritime Services to retrieve travel time information for the M1 Pacific Motorway (F3 Freeway). This system calculates how long it takes to travel between each major interchange by reading e-tags in vehicles. If there is a sustained delay higher than 13 minutes which lasts for 10 minutes or longer, our system will issue an alert to let you know there is a delay. Our system will also let you know when the delay has fallen under 8 minutes and cancel the alert. The travel time system only operates when there are enough cars on the road to calculate an average travel time (generally between 4am and 10pm).

Travel Time Table & Line Chart
Our website features a travel time table which details the Northbound and Southbound travel times on the freeway. It allows you to calculate the duration of your journey and allows traffic reporters to determine the location of a delay. Also, a line chart shows you determine the travel time history from the last 24-hours.

Incident Lists
The most recent incidents are displayed on the front page of our website, we retrieve this information from the NSW Transport Management Centre. The list also indicates if the incident is an ACTIVE ALERT or if it has been RESOLVED. We store a list of ALL incidents on our Alert History page. There is a MAP hyperlink beside each incident allowing you to view a mapped location of the incident.

Facebook Alerts & Motorist Discussion
This feature is the most popular feature of this service, our system automatically posts traffic alerts to our Facebook Page, once the incident is resolved another message is automatically posted. If you subscribe to our page the alerts will appear in your news feed. M1 motorists use this page to discuss and debate incidents on the freeway.

Twitter Alerts
Our system automatically posts Alerts and Cancellation notices on Twitter. We proudly boast a large twitter following including government organisations, major media outlets, business, individuals & even radio traffic reporters.

Transport Management Centre Two Way Radio LIVE Stream
You can listen to the live stream of the NSW Transport Management Centre’s two way radio system on the Government Radio Network (GRN) directly from our website, if there is a major event you can hear live and detailed discussion on how they go about resolving an incident.

Traffic Flow Map
The traffic flow map measures vehicle speeds on all sections of the M1 Pacific Motorway (F3 Freeway) using loop detectors embedded in the road itself. If there is a slowdown anywhere on the F3 it will appear as RED or BLACK or the map. You can zoom in to see a particular section of road to determine where a queue starts and finishes.

Weather Radar
This is a radar map from the Bureau of Meteorology, this will allow you to determine where it is currently raining on the M1.

Weather Widget
Scroll to the bottom of any page of our website to see the current weather condition.

LIVE Webcams
You can view 6 webcams on the Sydney to Newcastle M1 Pacific Motorway (F3 Freeway), scroll down to the bottom of any page to view and hit refresh you browser to see the latest images

EMAIL Alerts
You can subscribe to our Email Alerts service on our front page, if there are significant delays we will send you an email. We do not send out emails for minor incidents. This feature will be automated shortly to detect major incidents and automatically send out an email.

Bushfire Map
Our bushfire map is a mirror of the NSW RFS bushfire information. If there is a bushfire near the M1 Pacific Motorway (F3 Freeway) you can use this page to view detailed information about this incident.